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The older website covering Walney Churches Ecumenical Partnership and dating from the 1990s has now largely been

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Certain parts of the information from the older website are now being restructured.  During this process some of the

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Visit our Pictorial History of Walney, or read about the Vickerstown Estates

Walney Island is 11 miles long and a mile wide and is situated just off the Cumbrian coast at Barrow-in-Furness (see
map). It has a population of approximately 13,000. Traditionally most of the parishioners have earned their living working for ‘Vickers’ shipbuilders (currently a part of Operations Marine within BAE Systems, but previously operating as VSEL). However, the last 10 years has seen a cut in the workforce by 10,000, which obviously has had a dramatic social impact.

Walney has three Christian denominations working closely together, Roman Catholics, Methodists and Anglicans.

We are lucky to have such good ecumenical relationships. Perhaps the fact that we are on an island helps to make this possible. It is probably fair to say that the project could not have worked without strong cross-denominational friendships between lay people. Each of the three different churches celebrates what is distinctive about its particular tradition, while enjoying a close working relationship with the other traditions.